Why do Car Accidents Rise in Summer?

Those driving throughout summertime are at higher risk of getting into accidents than any other time of the year. June through August are the peak months for auto collisions. Car accidents during the summer cost billions in damage on an annual basis. It is crucial to consider the main reasons why accidents increase during summertime to help minimize the number of casualties.

Teens are on Summer Break

When this age group is out of school and on the roads, it significantly increases the risks of accidents because they are less experienced drivers, but they also tend to be more negligent and risky drivers. The majority of schools close in June and begin a new school year in August, which means there are more teens spending much more time driving on the roads than there is throughout the school year. With this large increase of inexperienced car drivers on the road for a longer time, the likelihood of collisions is much greater. Also, this leads to way too many people sharing the roads during the summer. When roadways are congested, driving conditions are much more complex, with a rise in road rage, aggressive driving, or speeding. All of these factors can easily cause major accidents.

Vehicle Equipment Failure

The summer heat is very tough on cars and can cause the vehicle to malfunction or fail. Since hotter temperatures impact vehicle performance, they work overtime to maintain safe engine temperatures and power air conditioners continually. The warm weather, long drives, hot roads, and humidity are damaging conditions for vehicles. Heat negatively impacts the vehicle’s equipment, especially the tires. As they become worn out, the air inside may expand when they heat up. This can cause a tire blowout and ultimately a collision as the vehicle may be out of your control.

Heat can also affect battery functioning. It is helpful to mount the car’s battery securely to limit vibration. An unprotected battery is very unsafe, as friction can cause a sudden high discharge of current.The excessive heat buildup and thermal runaway may be more than your battery can take on, impacting performance and can even cause the battery to suddenly stop working in the middle of the road.

More Construction

The summer season is known to have a ramp-up of roadway construction.  Construction crews commonly want to get as much done as they can before winter arrives and puts them on hold. These work zones lead to lane closures and detours, which cause confusion and traffic. Traffic congestion, especially during rush hours, significantly increases the risk of rear-end traffic accidents.

The roadway changes can be difficult for some people to navigate, which leads to drivers becoming confused and even losing control. Distracted driving, tailgating, and road rage are all too common during these scenarios, increasing the chance of accidents.

More Bicyclist and Motorcyclist

When the sun is out, more bicycles and motorcycles are on the road, so vehicles have to share the road with them. Drivers have to be very cautious and aware of these individuals. Make it a priority to stay safe on the roadways this summer and speak to your insurance agent about how you can protect yourself.

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