Topic: What do Vacationers Look for in a Condo?

What do Vacationers Look for in a CondoVacations are generally the highlight of everyone’s year. People can plan trips for months ahead of time to make sure that they are getting the relaxing vacation they want. As a rental owner, you want to make sure that you are not only protecting yourself with the best Sevier County Cabin Rental Insurance available, but that you are also aware of what people are looking for when researching to find the perfect place for their vacation.


One of the main questions about your cabin is going to be about accessibility from the main road and from the water if you are near a lake. Make sure that when you list information about your rental that directions to the place as well as the type of road or water access required to get to it is very clear. You want people to be aware if they will be taking dirt roads, or if they need to walk a ways to reach the place. You may also want to list what grocery stores, liquor stores, and bait shops are nearby.


A rental cabin is not a home. Most of the time there will be comforts that people are used to having that are missing from a cabin. Make sure that along with listing whether or not you have cable/internet, air conditioning and kitchen appliances, that you also list the type of water used in your cabin (city or well vs. lake water). You also want to list any access that a renter will have to any communal amenities in the area.

Family Friendly

Make sure it is clear as to whether your rental is family friendly or not. Many people want to bring their pets with them on vacation. If you allow pets, have a water/food dish available. Renters with small children may want to know if there is basic child-proofing within the home and potential dangers such as boat/water access. If so, ensure there are life vests for all sizes.


This is your property so you should make your expectations of your renters fairly clear. You may require a safety deposit to cover any costs in the event that your renters break something. Perhaps you want them to wash the sheets and towels before they leave so they are clean for the next set of renters. This is the time to let them know what you expect.

Along with listing these, you want to make sure renters are aware of where the fuse box is, or that there is a list of emergency contacts in case something does go wrong. It is also a good idea to post plenty of pictures of the property for potential renters to view.

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