What Happens if a Guest is Injured in Your Home?

What Happens if a Guest is Injured in Your HomeHere’s the bad news: you can be held liable if an individual is injured on your property. However, before you panic and refuse to ever let anyone on your premises ever again, take advantage of homeowners insurance to help you get the coverage you need to restore your peace of mind. Here’s what happens if someone gets injured on your property.

Immediately After an Injury Occurs

After an injury occurs, you can certainly express concern, but do not admit guilt. First, determine the severity of the injury. If there is a lot of blood or broken bones, a trip to the emergency room is non-negotiable. Depending on the situation, emergency services may be needed, rather than trying to tend to the person on your own and potentially making the injury worse. Get photos of the scene of the accident, as well as the resulting injury and call the police to get statements on the record. Even if you have a close personal relationship with the individual, you must make sure everything is properly documented so you can compensate them adequately and fairly. If lawyers become involved, you will be thanking yourself that you recorded plenty of information. 

Next, you will need to call your homeowners insurance agent to fill them in on the situation to get your policy’s coverage terms in process for you right away. This will minimize the compensation time for the injured party. The policy covers you in case you’re sued for bodily injury or property damage to others.

Your Basic Obligations

It is your responsibility to maintain a safe property to avoid cases like these. This will go a long way toward helping you prevent situations that get you into trouble in the first place.

Some proactive measures you can take:

  • Keep bathroom floors dry and fit them with non-slip rugs.
  • Maintain aisles and halls free of tripping hazards, especially runners, children’s toys, wires, etc.
  • Confirm all your stairs (indoors and out) have solid handrails and adequate lighting.
  • Sidewalks, steps, and pathways should be kept in good condition. If cracks to form, mark them carefully so guests don’t trip.
  • Avoid leaving any open flames unattended. 
  • Keep guests away from the stove when you’re frying and/or boiling.

Despite all your best efforts, accidents can still happen. This is why homeowners insurance is so important to protect both your visitors and your finances.

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