Want to Boost Summer Hotel Business? Read This

Want to Boost Summer Hotel Business? Read ThisSummer is the prime time for vacationers, which means that hotels often reach their highest occupancy rates during this season. While you might be expecting your revenues to boost this summer, there are still a lot of proactive steps you can take to ensure you have a lucrative season, including some last-minute strategies. As we explore these tips, ensure your entire operation is protected by a Knoxville Hotel Insurance package.

Get creative.

Rather than prolonging sales in hopes of boosting occupancy, you can get creative with your marketing strategy. For example, try advertising 24-hour flash sales to drive traffic during the slower days of the week. It’s likely that your weekend bookings aren’t lacking, but get creative with your offers to promote weekday traveling, as well.

Focus on seasonal marketing.

When it comes to independent hotels, there are some additional factors to consider. Rick Day, VP of marketing at Real Hospitality Group, offered the following advice to Hotel News Now:

“Independents have to be much more aware of where they’re at year over year and look at factors that can have an impact, like weather. If your primary feeder markets have bad weather in the winter and spring, that can sway pickup for people who want to escape that. Independents must spend more time on how the top line is being marketed. They’re dealing with a hotel that has its own brand, so they have to take that brand message, stay true to it and really sell it.”

Focus on the community.

For independent hotels, the best marketing ploy is to focus on the surrounding community. Offer a la carte items, package deals for popular tourism spots and restaurants, and allow customers to create their own experience by choosing from the options provided. Small hotels are a big part of their local communities, so take advantage of creating partnerships, especially as they work both ways.

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