The Most Important Insurance Coverages for Dentists

The Most Important Insurance Coverages for DentistsDentists must protect their practice and assets with proper coverage. Those in this profession are commonly sued for negligence, prone to break-ins from thieves looking to get drugs, and can also encounter property damage from occurrences such as fires and floods. Luckily, there is insurance available to help you in case the worst happens. Dental businesses are too prone to lawsuits for you to take any chances by working uninsured. Be sure to protect yourself with a well-rounded dental insurance program

General Liability 

Operating your own business is always a large risk. There is a lot that can go wrong, and that risk is amplified if you are in the medical field. There is one insurance you must have before you even step into your office, and that is dental liability insurance. As soon as you receive your dental license, you can and should apply for it. 

General dental liability insurance protects you against unexpected mishaps. If a patient falls in your office, general dentist liability insurance will cover the related expenses. You will also be covered against physical injury to people or damage to property that arise from daily operations.

Bodily injury and property damage for premises operations and products liability are crucial protection to have. With the best providers this will also include protection for personal and advertising injury; medical expenses; coverage for damage to premises rented to you; on-premises exception to pollution exclusion (for injuries caused by vapors); protection for employees as insureds; and employers Hired and Non-Owned Automobile coverage when an auto is used for business.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is available on an occurrence basis, which means that the policy pays for a covered professional incident that occurred during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is reported. A strong policy will also provide separate limits of liability coverage for each insured dentist, the corporation or partnership, legal entity, and each hygienist and dental assistant while working for an insured dentist. This is true even if a covered claim arises out of a single occurrence, naming each party in the suit.

It is quite beneficial if you have the option of increasing the limits on your insurance with Professional Umbrella Liability insurance protection to further protect your dental practice and financial assets.


In what facility do you perform your practice? If you own the building or not, you will want protection for the building you operate in, business personal property, loss of income and additional coverages. So your unique coverage needs are met, be sure to review them with an agent before a financial disaster strikes. 

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