Tennessee To Offer Grants For College and Adult Education

Tennessee To Offer Grants For College and Adult EducationAccording to an announcement from state officials last month, Tennessee College of Applied Technology and its 27 affiliated campuses across the state are offering information about the Tennessee Reconnect grants, which provides last-dollar scholarships for adults in pursuit of higher education and vocational training. The new plan is similar to the Tennessee Promise program, which offers similar opportunities for high school seniors. Both the Tennessee Reconnect and Tennessee Promise programs are part of the State’s Drive to 55 plan to bring the number of Tennessee adults with some kind of post-secondary training to 55 percent in the coming years. Participants must apply by May 15, 2015, to secure tuition-free enrollment.

According to reports, program participants will have many choices in areas of training and study through a number of local educational institutions, however each institution is reportedly hoping to specialize in a niche program. For example, in Murfreesboro the most popular programs are allied health, which includes dental assisting, and industrial equipment maintenance, or mechatronics. Officials and school authorities hope that the Tennessee Reconnect program will boost enrollment and provide much needed revenue stream that will enable campuses to grow.

As new students of all ages clamor to enroll in these programs, Tennessee Colleges and Adult Educators could see increased risk and liability exposures. Campuses are constantly faced with an increasing number of loss and liability complications based on an ever evolving array of issues. As such, it is important the Tennessee educators secure the coverage they need to keep their staff, students and facilities financial secure. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we work with top-quality insurers to provide insurance programs for the educational sector. Our Tennessee College and Adult Education Insurance program includes property and liability solutions tailored to the risks faced by educational organizations. To learn more about our Tennessee Educators Insurance, contact us today at (866) 733-5424.



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