Tennessee Golf Course Insurance: Choosing the Right Green

Tennessee Golf Course Insurance: Choosing the Right Green
Knoxville Golf Course Insurance Choosing the Right Green

One of the most important elements of any golf course is the turf chosen to provide exquisite comfort and performance for patrons. Choosing the right turf is not only essential for attracting players of a desired demographic, but also a huge financial investment and business decision. Golfers have come to expect perfection on their courses, desiring perfectly manicured greens and picturesque decorative vegetation. Often the upkeep of golf course greenery alone is the biggest expense course masters incur. According to the United States Golf Association (USGA) selecting the right grass type for your location and maintenance capabilities can dramatically reduce those upkeep costs.

Turf grass breeders and scientists have been able to develop a wide variety of grasses for golf course use, many of which have very low maintenance requirements. There are four primary classifications of grasses used to adorn sports courses and fields across the nation.

  • Bentgrass: The thick, mat-like quality of Bentgrass has made it a widely favored and utilized turf component. While it is not ideal for consistently hot climates, this type of grass is ideal for golf courses located in the Pacific Northwest, Northeast and Midwest where cooler nights allow the grass to recover from warmer days.
  • Bermuda grass: One of the most favorable qualities of Bermuda grass is its ability to withstand high temperatures, high humidity and drought. Wildly popular in the American South, this type of grass cannot survive in temperatures less than thirty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pou Annua Grass: This delicate, shallow root grass has found a home on many West Coast greens where course owners favor the fine texture. This type of grass often has to be hand watered and heavily planted for best performance, and requires constant maintenance.
  • Zoysia Grass: Zoysia is possibly the most versatile and tolerant type of turf grass. It is often used for fairways and tee-boxes and can be used in a wide variety of climates, with the exceptions of deserts and cold wet climates. The deep-roots help its durability and also allow the fine blades to hold their color well in fluctuating climates.

Tennessee golf courses require turf that can be repaired quickly and withstand heavy traffic, humidity and higher temps. As such Bermuda grass may be the best choice for Knoxville course supervisors.

At Barnes Insurance Agency we understand the special risk factors involved in owning and operating a Knoxville golf courses, country club and restaurant.  We are pleased to provide owners and operators of golf courses throughout Tennessee with comprehensive Knoxville Golf Course Insurance coverage. Our Tennessee Golf Courses / Country Clubs Insurance  programs are customizable to protect all your amenities and assets so that you can continue to focus on providing the kind of quality services and accommodations guests expect. We even offer a full spectrum of Knoxville Restaurant Insurance policies to accommodate your food-service facilities. Give us a call today at (866) 733-5424 and let one of our specialists provide the personalized attention you and your business deserve.



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