Overnight Rentals and Cabin Insurance from Barnes Insurance Agency

Barnes Insurance Agency offers investment property owners with cabin and overnight rental exposure protection for their property and liability. Coverage is available for single-home and multi-dwelling landlords, vacation properties, condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes of all sizes and styles.

What you need covered.

We offer a full line of Property and Liability coverages, including replacement cost coverage in the event of property damage for your buildings and owned contents; rental income coverage; and Liability insurance that helps with legal fees, settlements and damage awards in claims where you are found responsible for someone else’s loss.

Our Property insurance covers a broad range of perils including but not limited to things such as accidental damage by tenants, fire, storms and other non-wear-and-tear events, both natural and manmade. We can also help evaluate your flood and earthquake exposure. For other water damage, you will need sewage and drain backup coverage. Separate structures, such as detached garages, sheds, guesthouses, pools, etc. can also be insured.

All policies include liability insurance for injuries to guests on your property, but we also have available an Umbrella (or excess Liability insurance) policy for landlords. This is especially important to consider if you have multiple locations or the property you are renting comes with a pool or some other high-hazard feature.

We can also insure your rental income should that cease due to a covered cause of loss.

Peace of mind and competitive pricing come with the Barnes Insurance Agency.

Contact us toll-free at 877-279-2500; you can also email us at info@biatn.com

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