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Managing Your Restaurant’s Labor Costs

Managing Your Restaurant’s Labor CostsAs a restaurant owner, you know the importance of minimizing labor costs in your establishment. As these make up nearly a third of your monthly expenses, controlling these costs is an essential component to your revenue stream. Therefore, we have devised a simple list of ways to manage and control your restaurant’s labor costs to protect your bottom line. Even more importantly, ensure your operation is backed by a comprehensive Pigeon Forge Restaurant Insurance package, custom written specifically to match your unique exposures.

Gather data.

Making data-driven decisions is both economical and savvy. Look for trends in your restaurant, sales …

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Knoxville Restaurant Insurance: 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Knoxville Restaurant Insurance: 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Knoxville Restaurant Insurance 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Who can resist partaking of a sweet treat every now and then? According to US Foods, one of the nation’s largest food distributors, the vast majority of consumers will occasionally indulge in dessert. They estimate that roughly seventy percent do so at least once a week which is a significant increase from recent years. Americans are often so in love with their after dinner indulgences, that specialty sweets shops and dessert-only eateries are increasingly popping across the country.

A strong dessert menu can help any restaurant boost their sales which is why …

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