Smoky Mountains Vacation Rental Insurance: Foundation Checks

Smoky Mountains Vacation Rental Insurance: Foundation Checks
Smoky Mountains Vacation Rental Insurance: Foundation Checks

For Smoky Mountains vacation rental property owners real estate is more than a home, it is an investment in their financial security and well-being.  As such, it is important to properly choose and maintain rental properties carefully to avoid losses and liability exposures. One common cause of large financial complications and losses is a property’s foundation.

Building foundations are essential to the stability and safety of any structure. Damage to a property’s foundation can rapidly become a costly and dangerous complication. Foundation complications are common problems in much of Tennessee which is no stranger to flippant weather, humidity and moisture. Unlike other aspects of a building, foundations are built to last and should not show signs of damage through old age or regular home deterioration and weathering. As such when foundation damage is present there is most likely an underlying soil complication.  Foundation failure occur when there is either too much water retention in the soil thus causing the ground to swell, or the soil is too dry thus causing the ground to shrink. When moisture levels in the soil beneath a foundation are not uniform, there is the potential for differential movement which often results in foundation cracking and other damage.

Foundation damage can be costly to repair on its own, but also is often accompanied by even more structural complications. When seeking out a Smoky Mountains rental property, it’s best to avoid properties which exhibit common signs of foundation issues. If your prospective or current vacation rental property exhibits signs of gapping, cracking, sagging, buckling, crumbling and pooling moisture within floors, ceiling and walls there is a chance that foundation compilations are present. The best defense against escalating obstacles and damages is to scan your property for potential signs of foundation damage and address these issues as soon as they appear.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we strive to protect Smoky Mountains vacation rental property and overnight rental property owners from the multitude of risk exposures they face. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive Vacation Rental Insurance Tennessee has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Our Smoky Mountains Vacation Rental Insurance includes a full line of Property and Liability coverage, including replacement cost coverage in the event of property damage and protection from the financial burdens of legal complications.  We can help protect you and all your assets. Give us a call today at (866) 733-5424 for more information about our offerings.



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