Sevierville Vacation Rental Insurance: Attracting Guests All Year

Sevierville Vacation Rental Insurance: Attracting Guests All Year Sevierville Vacation Rental Insurance Attracting Guests Year-Round

Vacation rentals are gaining popularity in the hospitality industry, especially among travelers from across the world who see short term rental housing as a great alternative to traditional hotel and motel housing accommodations. Many vacationers are seeking less commercial lodgings when looking to get away for a few day or weeks from their everyday lives. In recent years the scope of vacation rental properties has drastically changed from primarily beachfront manors to a wider variety of locations and housing types. From a cozy cabin in the back-country to a downtown apartment, rental property today takes many forms. But not all destinations easily attract tourists year round. This can be detrimental for businesses and property owners who rely on the income they generate through their vacation rental property holdings.

Attracting in travelers year round in East Tennessee can be challenging but a vacant property is not only a financial burden but also a liability concern. Vacant rental properties can often be targets for criminal activity or incur accidental property damage. However, keeping you’re overnight rental property well looked after and occupied year round might be a challenge. Here are a few industry tips for luring in travelers in all year:

Advertise to a larger audience: The internet is an invaluable tool to help East Tennessee vacation property owner reach a broad and diverse audience. The most successful and lucrative vacation rental offerings can be found on websites that post listings submitted by property owners. These websites often act as simple advertising venues to publicize offerings so that customers can choose from a wide selection of lodgings in different locations, price ranges, styles and more.

Adjust your pricing throughout the year.  It is important to adjust for seasonal changes in travel and hospitality needs. A vacation property may rent for top-dollar in the summertime when the market is strong and travelers are abundant, but the off-season typically brings fewer travelers which results in increased competition. Reducing your rates could increase your chances of renting that space when the market is most competitive.

Partner with local businesses to create a renters’ vacation package. Local businesses can benefit from increased business that your rental property may generate, and you can benefit from helping to ensure that your guests have a pleasant stay. Visitors often need guidance about what to do during their stay and where to eat, which can be easily provided by you and local businesses. Offering coupons for free and discounted dining and recreational services as well as local information will improve your renter’s experience and increase the likelihood of a return visit.

East Tennessee routinely draws visitors from all over the world to enjoy the great outdoors and tranquil rural landscapes. As a result, the rental property industry is well established and thriving. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we strive to protect vacation property and overnight rental property owners safe from the multitude of risk exposures they face. Our Sevierville Vacation Rental Insurance includes a full line of Property and Liability coverage, including replacement cost coverage in the event of property damage and protection from the financial burdens of legal complications.  We can help protect you and all your assets. Give us a call today at (866) 733-5424 for more information about our offerings.



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