Sevierville Farm Insurance: Mobile Vets Get Legal Greenlight

Sevierville Farm Insurance: Mobile Vets Get Legal Greenlight Sevierville Farm Insurance: Mobile Vets Get Legal Greenlight

The veterinary community and animal caregivers alike are celebrating after President Obama signed the long awaited Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (VMMA) into effect last month. The new law allows veterinarians to provide complete medical care to patients outside of their clinics and offices, as well as across state lines. Largely pursued by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the revisions center around wording in previous long standing Drug Enforcement Administration policies which classified many medications and materials necessary for medical treatment as controlled substances, making it illegal for veterinarians to transport them outside of a veterinarian’s registered location. The revisions are designed to accommodate the needs of veterinary professional who provide mobile services, including professionals who assist with animal control and large animal services.

Mobile veterinary practices are not uncommon, especially for treating livestock and equine patients which are not easily accommodated by a standard veterinary clinic. The AVMA frequently cited the needs of farmers, livestock owners, and animal caregivers in rural areas as one of the primary motivations for focusing their efforts on changing outdated legislation. Under the VMMA,  veterinary professionals will be able to utilize all necessary equipment, medication and supplies to provide quality and timely care to all patients, regardless of their location. Furthermore, the law will prevent legal action from being taken against veterinarians who are lawfully handling necessary controlled substances in the course of providing veterinary care.

The change is great news for Tennessee livestock owners who will likely see increased access to veterinary care as a result of the amended regulations. 

Tennessee is known for its equestrian and farming communities, which are prosperous contributors to the state economy and culture. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we are in the business of helping Sevierville farmers, ranchers and stable owners protect themselves, their livestock and their property from the risks they face through operation. Our Sevierville Farm Insurance specialists have the expertise and experience to help you find the right business, property and casualty coverages to protect your operations unique needs. Give our specialist a call today at (866) 733-5424 to learn more about Tennessee farm insurance today. 



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