The Role of Sevier County Property Insurance When a Tornado Hits

The Role of Sevier County Property Insurance When a Tornado Hits
Sevier County Property Insurance Offers Tornado Assistance

Eleven tornadoes reportedly ravaged through Iowa over the Fourth of July weekend, leaving a path of property damage and fallen foliage in their wake. On average over a thousand tornadoes touchdown on American soil each year in the central and southern-central regions of the nation. Roughly between 5 and 15 tornadoes touchdown across the state of Tennessee during a typical year and dozens of watches are issued. As a Tennessee property owner the threat of a tornado comes with added concerns for not only your personal property holdings but also for any business facilities or rental holdings as well.

The extent of damages inflicted by a tornado is often not always readily apparent directly after an occurrence as some damages can be harder to assess or result from other complications. Fallen trees and other displaced debris can cause damage to roofs, garages, fences and other properties and are often costly to remove and clean up. High winds can uproot outdoor fixtures such as roofing, decking, foliage and fencing. Luckily most property damage caused by a tornado is generally covered under standard Sevier County property insurance policies.

If debris caused structural damage to a home, investment property, cabin, barn or other insured structure, the right property owner’s insurance coverage will provide financial support to help rebuild, restore or purchase new structures and the contents.

Sevier County homeowners and renters insurance policies will also provide coverage for additional living expenses support, in the event that a dwelling is destroyed or rendered uninhabitable after a tornado. This coverage will help pay for the expenses involved with the policy holder’s displacement such as hotel bills, meals and other expenses. Similarly, businesses may too find themselves displaced after a tornado struggling to find a way to continue their business operation. Business interruption coverage will help an operation stay afloat by covering ongoing expenses while repairs are being made.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we’ll help you fully evaluate your property assets to establish the right amounts of coverage you will need to protect all your personal and business property. We can help assess the costs of replacing your business property should a loss occur, and make sure that all your building and structures are insured for their proper value. Our Sevier County property insurance policies include the appropriate financial assistance for debris removal, increased cost of construction to rebuild and repair, content replacement and more. Whether you are looking for complete Homeowners Insurance or Business and Rental Property coverage, Barnes is proud to offer comprehensive solutions for your needs. For more information about any of our offerings give us a call today at (866) 733-5424.



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