Sevier County Municipality Insurance: Educating Young Drivers

Sevier County Municipality Insurance: Educating Young Drivers

Sevier County Municipality Insurance Educating Young Drivers

In an effort to improve the driving abilities and overall safety of younger drivers, the Sevierville Police Department (SPD) is gearing up for their fifth annual Collision Avoidance Training for Young Drivers Seminar. The SPD is offering the training to drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 years old who already possess a valid driver’s license, have access to their own vehicle and current Sevierville auto insurance. This opportunity was designed to create a safe learning space for inexperienced drivers to make mistakes and learn from the experience of more experienced drivers and instructors.

The young drivers will receive both classroom and applied driving experience with the driving education instructor. During the practical driving practice a qualified instructor will be riding inside the vehicle with the driver as the young motorists navigate a designated test track and any hazards they may encounter. The participants are expected to utilize their own vehicles during the hands-on driving experience portion of the seminar for a more realistic experience and to help them better understand the nuances of their specific vehicle. The lessons will focus on a driver’s awareness their surroundings for prevention measures, as well as on emergency response techniques should something go wrong on the road. Training is designed to make young drivers more aware of the limits to their own driving abilities as well as the capabilities of their vehicles.

Similar training is offered by local municipalities across the country in an effort to reduce the amount of young driver accidents that occur on the road each year. National driving data indicates that over 60% of all new drivers will be involved in a crash within the first twelve months of getting their driver’s license, and over 40% of those crashes will result in the driver sustaining injuries that require hospitalization. Since the implementation of such training techniques over ten years ago, thousands of young drivers have completed locally sponsored collision avoidance training programs and less than 6% of those participants have been involved in severe accidents.

While offering these programs can help improve the driving abilities of young motorists, should something go wrong during the training local law enforcement and public servants could potentially be held liable for any damages of injury. A municipality could be charged with negligence or endangerment, and face countless legal complications. Understanding the complex risks and issues that municipalities and counties face requires years of experience. At Barnes Insurance Agency we are happy to share our five decades of experience with you. Assessing the needs and risk exposures of local municipalities is one of our specialties. We can help secure comprehensive Sevier County municipality insurance solutions to help protect public officials against lawsuits for everything from employment practices to negligence and mismanagement. For more information, we invite you to call us today at (866) 733-5424 to speak with one of our professionals.



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