Cocke County Golf Course Insurance: Fixing Drainage Issues

Cocke County Golf Course Insurance: Fixing Drainage Issues: Fixing Drainage Issues Cocke County Golf Course Insurance: Fixing Drainage Issues

Water can be a huge problem on a golf course, for golfers and groundskeepers. While a strategically placed water hazard brings welcome challenge and beauty to a golf course, unwanted waster pooling and retention can cause a myriad of problems for green-keepers. One of the most common reasons for unwanted water retention on a golf course is poor drainage.

Soggy terrain and poor drainage can not only present problems for golfers trudging through an overly saturated terrain, but these conditions can be devastating to the stability and longevity of the golf course itself. Poor drainage frequently created even larger maintenance dilemmas and headaches for groundskeepers.  Some common results of improper drainage include standing water buildups which can create foul odors, promote insect growth, foster disease and death in vegetation, and generate. Poor drainage can also create mud buildups, terrain sliding and other turf complications. In short, excess water build up is a massive problem.

Creating a strong drainage strategy as well as implementing the proper techniques and solutions will help solve these problems and prevent your golf course from turning into a maintenance nightmare at the first fall of rain. According to experts, the first step any groundskeeper should take when planning a drainage system is to identify the low-lying areas in the golf course’s landscape. As we previously mentioned, sloping can greatly affect water drainage. Water tends to pool at the base of sloped terrain. Groundskeepers must construct a way to allow water to exit low-lying areas properly without causing problems.

When creating a drainage strategy, it is also important to recognize that some areas need more water retention than others. Water retention is not always a bad thing on a golf course; in fact some vegetation requires large amounts of water. As such, too much drainage in these areas can be harmful to certain types of trees and foliage. Although excessive drainage can be a problem, experts suggest that poor drainage is a much more common landscape problem and considered oversaturation one of the biggest detriments to golf course landscape and terrain.

Keeping your grounds well maintained is a vital part of golf course longevity and prosperity. It is also important to make sure that your grounds are properly insured in the event of damage, catastrophes, vandalism and more. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we are pleased to provide owners and operators of golf courses and country clubs throughout Tennessee with insurance programs designed with this niche industry in mind.  Our Sevier County golf course insurance programs include Commercial Property and General Liability coverage which can be expanded to suite the specific needs of your operation.  For more information, give our Sevier County golf course insurance specialists a call today at 877-279-2500. 



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