Sevier County Educators Insurance: Feds Investigate University Shortcomings

Sevier County Educators Insurance: Feds Investigate University Shortcomings Educators Insurance Feds Investigate University Shortcomings

The Obama administration released new documentation in late April clarifying the responsibilities of higher education institutions when handling sexual misconduct allegations on campus. The administration’s sexual assault and harassment task force launched their website Not Alone along with an official Fact Sheet, outlining new intentions to “identify the scope of the problem on college campuses.” Their top priorities also include helping schools respond more effectively to assault allegations, improving federal policy enforcement and other universal sexual assault prevention measures.

The fact sheet is designed to outline a plan for further investigation and federal action to improve the climate of higher education campuses. The Departments of Justice and Education have entered into an agreement clarifying each agency’s role in protecting students and pursing allegations of sexual misconduct. The task force hopes to provide educators with better resources and training to handle sensitive situations involving sexual assault and harassment on campus.

Following the Obama administration’s report the U.S. Education Department released a full list of the 55 university and colleges across the nation involved in an extensive investigation for potential violations of federal antidiscrimination regulations. Some big names appearing on the list including Ivy League institutions Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard along with other prominent institutions such as Penn State, Florida State University and the University of California Southern California. While the investigations are not formal allegations of any legal misconduct however the task force asserts that sexual assault is chronically underreported on and often mismanaged.

Student success and safety is always an educator’s highest priority. Failure to appropriately respond to any occurrences or allegations of assault, harassment and discrimination that arise on campus can not only tarnish an institution’s reputation it can also expose any Sevier County  educational institution to a multitude of costly fees and legal challenges. Protecting students, faculty and staff from any threat, start with obtaining a comprehensive Sevier County Educators insurance plan.

At Barnes Insurance Agency we work with top-quality brokers to provide insurance programs for the educational sector. We offer Sevier County Educators Insurance which includes Professional Liability coverage to protect education personnel against a variety of risk exposures including alleged misconduct. We also specialize in establishing Educational Institutions Insurance Programs tailor made to the needs of your specific organization. Contact us today at (866) 733-5424 to find out more about how we can help protect your institution.



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