Set Your Business Apart by Offering These Employee Benefits

Set Your Business Apart by Offering These Employee BenefitsIn today’s competitive hiring atmosphere, your business can stand out by offering these unconventional benefits that are driven by employee popular demand.

Four in five employees prefer new or better benefits over pay raises, so many leading employers have taken notice and begun expanding their offerings. Thoughtful and innovative benefit offerings help increase loyalty for existing employees while boosting your appeal among new candidates.

Set yourself apart from the competition by considering these unique benefits.

Student Loan Repayment

Younger generations are entering the workforce with record high student debt. Certain programs allow companies to help with loans similar to the way they’d contribute to a 401(k) plan. This recruiting tool works well because so many millennials are forced to focus on paying back their loans over saving for retirement when entering the workforce.

Pet Insurance

With so many pet owners trying to keep up with checkups, medication, treatments and procedures, the cost of veterinary care can be overwhelming. There are a range of options from fully-funded programs to other employee discounts. Pet insurance is an amazing way for companies to give pet-loving employees peace of mind.

Financial Wellness Services

Employer-funded financial wellness programs are dramatically increasing in popularity. Improved well-being is a big contributor to overall happiness, so plans often work together with existing wellness programs.

Employees still rank health care as their most sought-after benefit. Consider offering a variety of plans to meet needs of the diverse workforce. Coverage that seems specific to your employees’ unique family arrangements will help workers feel like their needs are not only important, but taken care of.

Expanded Paid Leave

Expand paid parental leave for new mothers, fathers, and maybe even grandparents. Many companies have expanded time-off entitlements beyond the 12 weeks required under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Paid sick leave laws are also gaining more attention as part of an the evolving state-specific leave laws.

Laid-back Culture

Flexible hours, casual dress codes, free meals and open-concept offices, more vacation time, and work-from-home arrangements can make the work of difference to an employee. Cutting-edge employers in the United States have completely redefined what it looks like to work.

Ask your employees what would make their jobs easier, more enjoyable, and in result make them more efficient. This will allow you to keep up with the trends of the working class. Revamping your benefits package will help increase satisfaction and loyalty within the company, while setting you apart from your competitors.

No matter what you choose to do, make sure your operation and your employees are protected with a comprehensive Business Insurance package.

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