How to Prepare your Cabin for Summer

How to Prepare your Cabin for SummerThe countdown to summer has officially begun! With less than a month until summer is in full swing, it’s time to get your summer gear ready and enjoy all of the season’s festivities. As many Tennessee residents know, summer is an extremely popular tourist season due to lush landscape and the long list of great outdoor activities available. Protecting your assets for the season with Tennessee Cabin Insurance can help reduce added risks to hosting your guests. With that said, let’s take a look at some important tips for cleaning and preparing your summer cabin.

Monitoring– Walking around your property and making sure there are no overhanging branches, stray wild animals, or broken windows will give you a general ideal of the wear and tear that occurred in your absence. While most of these are simple fixes, they could become increasingly problematic if not tended to quickly.

Docking– If your cabin comes with water access, it is important to check that your dock is accurately anchored and should be repositioned if necessary. Cottage Life Magazine’s editor Penny Caldwell reminds you to inspect your port for missing hardware such as dock rings and cleats to ensure the safety and longevity of your dock.

Water Supply– It’s crucial to fill up your hot water tank before turning the water supply back on in your cabin. If the tank burns out, the replacement is very costly! Next, reconnect pipes and start your water pump.

Restocking– Food and first aid are vital for both hosting and the safety of your guests. Discard any food that might have been left over or infested by rodents and insects. Restocking the pantry and fridge will make your guests feel welcome while providing first aid essentials will come in handy.

Following these basic steps can enhance your guest’s summer vacation and make the overall experience more enjoyable to promote repeat business and referrals. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the risks involved in hosting an array of guests in your summer cabin. We specialize in protecting your biggest investments from potential harm from tenants, weather, and natural wear and tear. For more information on overnight rental insurance, as well as Sevier County Hotel/Motel Insurance, contact one of our specialists today at (866) 733-5424.



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