Pigeon Forge Overnight Rental Insurance: Guests Want Wi-Fi

Pigeon Forge Overnight Rental Insurance: Guest Want Wi-Fi

Second only to complimentary breakfast and on-sight food facilities, free internet access through Wi-Fi networks is at the top of most consumers’ list of amenity requirements when choosing travel lodgings. According to recent industry research, 94 percent of travelers claim that Wi-Fi access is the most important amenity when making travel arrangements. The 2014 survey from Hotels.com revealed that Wi-Fi is the most sought after in-room amenity, beating out bathroom shower, room size and even air conditioning.

Today, over two thirds of hospitality providers are reportedly already providing free or pay-to-use Wi-Fi services to compete in the modern hospitality market, according to industry reports. As the prices for establishing good quality Wi-Fi network services continues to decrease, there is little reason for Tennessee hotels, motels and overnight renal managers to not adopt these technologies. Many reports suggest that hospitality provides can expect a huge return on their investment in making their facilities Wi-Fi compatible.

However, there are a few additional liability concerns which could emerge from offering internet access and Wi-Fi to guests, especially if that access is provided through a shared network. Cyber security breaches, for example are one of the greatest concerns. In some cases, businesses can be held accountable for losses resulting from security breaches, hacking and other cyber security failures, especially when business data, guest info and other sensitive information is leaked. Many public Wi-Fi providers combat these risk exposures by creating terms and conditions of access to curb guest usage and absolve the provider of liability pertaining to losses suffered by Wi-Fi users. However, this does not protect a businesses’ own cyber data and assets. A Tennessee Cyber Liability insurance policy however, can help businesses cover damages and other expenses they may face as a result of a cyber security breach, attack or information leak of business information.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we specialize in helping Tennessee hospitality providers secure the complete business insurance coverage they need to cover all their risk exposures. Our Pigeon Forge Overnight Rental Insurance specialists will take the time to sit with you and discuss your goals, plans for the future and risk exposures which may arise along the way. We can then craft a complete business insurance program designed to your specifications. To learn more about our Sevier County insurance agency, contact us today at (866) 733-5424.



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