Pigeon Forge Hotel Insurance: Tips for Seasonal Hiring

Pigeon Forge Hotel Insurance: Tips for Seasonal Hiring Pigeon Forge Hotel Insurance Tips for Seasonal Hiring

Autumn is in the air which means that the holiday season is just around the corner. While most consumers are still mourning the lost days of summers past, the hospitality is gearing up for the second busy season. Restaurants are planning fall menus, hospitality providers are dusting off their seasonal decorations and everyone is preparing for the festivities to come. For many hotels this means securing extra help for the months to come.

Seasonal hiring can be a complicated process full of predictions and estimations about how much business your operation should expect and how many new bell hops, valets, and servers to bring you might need to accommodate your guests. From choosing the right staff members to getting everyone properly assimilated seasonal staffing can be chaotic and stressful, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help ease your operation through the holidays towards a prosperous and jolly new year.

  • Get a Head Start– September yields quickly into October and before you know it Thanksgiving is and December is just around the corner. Getting an early start on the seasonal hiring process can have many advantages including early access to quality candidates, more time to deliberate about your hiring decisions and ample time to fully train new recruits or refresh previous workers on current policies and expectations.
  • Be Clear about the Job Requirements– Let’s face it, it is a rare candidate indeed that really wants to work while their loved ones and friends are enjoying delicious meals and holiday cheer, but alas seasonal possessions must be filled. Finding workers can be tricky, especially when staffing for major holidays where employees are trying to balance bringing in a little extra cash with spending time with their families and enjoying the season. But hiring in a new employee is an expensive investment, especially if that employee is not committed. Make sure that all candidates and hires are aware of the time commitments and other requirements. While you may still have some no-shows, it will certainly help curb excessive losses.
  • Remember Your Brand– They may only be seasonal hire to you, but these workers will inevitably be the face of your brand for through the course of their employment. As such, is it vital to hold these candidate to the same customer standards as you would your permanent staff members. In many cases, temporary workers can often become great candidates to fill more permanent roles as they become available, therefore experts recommend looking for employees who not only meet the qualifications of the position, but who fit into your operation’s culture as well.

When preparing for the busy holiday season, it is important for Pigeon Forge hotels to ensure that their business is properly protected from the countless risk exposers they face. Changing weather, increased patronage and even hiring additional workers can exposure your hotel operation to legal and financial complications. From liability exposures to property damage, protecting your hotel or motel can be increasingly challenging during the busy seasons.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we strive to help our clients find complete Pigeon Forge hotel insurance and risk management solutions to keep their operations in full swing. Our business insurance specialists can help you find policies that fit your needs, from workers compensation to liability coverages and everything in between. Give our Pigeon Forge hotel insurance specialists at (866) 733-5424 to get started today.



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