Managing Your Restaurant’s Labor Costs

Managing Your Restaurant’s Labor CostsAs a restaurant owner, you know the importance of minimizing labor costs in your establishment. As these make up nearly a third of your monthly expenses, controlling these costs is an essential component to your revenue stream. Therefore, we have devised a simple list of ways to manage and control your restaurant’s labor costs to protect your bottom line. Even more importantly, ensure your operation is backed by a comprehensive Pigeon Forge Restaurant Insurance package, custom written specifically to match your unique exposures.

Gather data.

Making data-driven decisions is both economical and savvy. Look for trends in your restaurant, sales peaks, identify your most popular dishes, and note when it’s a slow period. These factors can improve your ingredient buying habits as well as staffing to improve your bottom line.

Too many staff standing around the dining space can be off-putting to guests, and not enough staff in front- or back-of-the-house can lead to bottlenecks and frustrated customers. Analyze your data, and make adjustments accordingly, explains the National Restaurant Association.

Stagger shifts.

Rather than having employees show up in blocks at the same time, stagger their shifts by 15 minutes. This way, there won’t be too many employees on the floor at once and you won’t have to worry about not having the coverage you need during peak seasons.

Simplify scheduling.

Going hand in hand with staggering shifts, use technology to your advantage to help with scheduling. Online tools help to keep schedules in order and can help find coverage for sick employees so your restaurant doesn’t skip a beat.

About Barnes Insurance Agency

From potential workplace accidents to problematic patrons, Knox County restaurants face many challenges that can jeopardize the operation of the business. Even an array of outside factors such as severe weather, supply interruption, downed utilities, food recalls, and more can cause huge financial complications for a local business. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the countless challenges you and your eatery face, and can help you insure against these and many other types of risks. Our Knoxville restaurant insurance coverage is fully customizable to fit the needs of your operation. We offer complete business insurance solutions for Knox County restaurants of all sizes, including those owned and operated by hotels and resorts. To find out more about how we can help protect your restaurant, give us a call today at (866) 733-5424. 



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