Looking to Grow Your Business? Heed These Hiring Tips

Looking to Grow Your Business? Heed These Hiring TipsIf your business is growing, first and foremost, congratulations. Small business owners face plenty of adversity and struggle to beat the odds every single day. While your operation might be successful, hiring new employees to manage that success is another key to thriving. In this article, we’ll cover six important hiring strategies that small businesses can implement to find qualified candidates and to minimize TN Employment Practices Liability.

Gauge their passion.

Skills and talent are important, but you must also take into account whether candidates are passionate about going to work for you. Did they do pre-interview research to inform themselves about your organization? Are they enthusiastic during the interview? Do they illustrate their talents and passion with stories of previous experience? It’s answers to these types of questions than can help evaluate whether or not potential employees really want to work for your company, or are simply looking for any old job, says Forbes.

Spread the word.

The more you get the word out about having open positions, the more applicants you’re likely to gain. Post the job ad on social media, LinkedIn, and Indeed. These reputable job sites can help you gather a promising pool of candidates.

Give candidates a good idea of what it’s like to work there.

If possible, have candidates shadow existing employees to see how their roles would be played out, what a day in the life looks like, and what to expect. If you’re looking to hire remote employees, a Skype session will allow a way for you to thoroughly answer questions and discuss their role in detail.

Host a detailed interview.

Any potential red flags on the resume should be discussed in the interview. Gaps in employment, short stays at companies, and others can be addressed directly. Be willing to hear them out, as some of these red flags means they made the better decisions for themselves or their careers.

Scour social media.

When using social media to find candidates, LinkedIn should be your first stop. After that, check any potential hires for inappropriate Facebook postings, as well as negative or offensive tweets. Be sure that you do not factor any protected class information into your hiring decisions (gender, race, religion, age, disability, origin or pregnancy).

Expand your horizons.

Yes, a college degree and relevant experience are great things to look for. However, that doesn’t mean recent college grads and young professionals are the best option. Consider hiring older workers with more experience under their belt. Expanding your horizons, and your candidate pool, can help you land the best employee for your business and its culture.

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