Live-Action Games Raise Need for Sevier County Recreation Insurance

Live-Action Games Raise Need for Sevier County Recreation Insurance Live-Action Games Raise Need for Sevier County Recreation Insurance

Immersive experiences have become one of the hottest new trends in recreation and entertainment across the country in recent years. After gaining significant status in Asia and Europe, choose-your-own-adventure activities are popping up all across the country in various forms from small group activities to large scale multi-million dollar experiences. Stemming from the ever popular video-game industry, these game-like events are a Frankensteinian combination of immersive theater and recreational play where participants are often challenged to solve puzzles, decipher codes and piece together clues in hopes of out witting a clock or adversarial foe. The hospitality industry has taken an interest in these immersive experiences offering interactive dinner theater performances, “escape the room” stays, and similar variations on plot based participation engagements.

One of the largest create-your-adventure experiences open to the public is a terror themed event entitled The Great Horror Campout. The extravagant production is traversing the country offering fans haunted house like entertainment in the form of a public camping event. Participants are able to determine the parameters of their experience by dictating their own level of involvement in activities. Consumers are given a large amount of complete control of their experience from the level of intensity to complexity of the experience, even was to opt-out should the game become too intense.

While the Great Horror Campout is an experience designed for thousands, many smaller operations have been designed for groups of 2-10. The Escape Game, based in Nashville, offers multiple opportunities for couples, friends, and small groups of thrill seekers to try their hand at problem solving and crisis management.  SCARP Entertainment Inc., also offers similar experiences through interactive theatrical productions such as Escape from the Werewolf Village.

With immersive entertainment gaining in popularity, more recreational entertainment providers are looking to expand their offerings or host interactive gaming-activities. When looking to host any type of event or celebration, having the proper Sevier County Recreation Insurance coverage is critically important. At Barnes Insurance Agency we specialize in providing insurance solutions for the amusement and recreation industries. Our coverage options include Commercial Property and Liability including equine insurance, special events insurance, recreation insurance, concerts insurance, amusement centers insurance and more. Give us a call today at (866) 733-5424 for more information about all the policies we offer.



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