Knoxville Restaurant Insurance: 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Knoxville Restaurant Insurance: 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Knoxville Restaurant Insurance 2014’s Sweet Industry Trends

Who can resist partaking of a sweet treat every now and then? According to US Foods, one of the nation’s largest food distributors, the vast majority of consumers will occasionally indulge in dessert. They estimate that roughly seventy percent do so at least once a week which is a significant increase from recent years. Americans are often so in love with their after dinner indulgences, that specialty sweets shops and dessert-only eateries are increasingly popping across the country.

A strong dessert menu can help any restaurant boost their sales which is why many restaurants across Knox County are adopting some of the latest dessert trends to keep their menu’s fresh and appealing. Here are a few of the latest dessert trends to help your eatery do dessert like the pros.

  • Mini Desserts, “Samplers” and Groupings: while many diners crave a little indulgence at the end of their meal sometimes their conscience, or their fully stomachs get the best of them. Many restaurants, from haut cuisine establishments to large national eateries, are offering smaller bite-size portions, often grouped together in pairs or trios, of dessert to help ease consumer’s wallets and dietary concerns.
  • Health Conscious Offerings: Eating healthy remains a priority for many consumers especially when eating out. There are many ways to provide diners with sweet treats that can complement their dietary desires while still offering a delicious treat. Because fresh fruit is the ultimate healthy dessert option, many restaurants are adding their own unique twist to the classic choice. Offering fresh fruit skewers served small dipping sauces or offering unique and exotic fruit choices can be a great way to diversify any menu.
  • Cocktail Pairing: Wine, beer and cocktails are often paired with the food menu, but dessert tends to be overlooked. Many eateries across the country, and particularly in Tennessee, have begun pairing their dessert offerings with cordials, wine and beer that complement the flavors and finishes. Furthermore, incorporating whiskey, bourbon and other spirit into dessert items is also a common trend.
  • Local sourcing: Incorporating locally grown ingredients and products into any dessert menu can make consumers more likely to indulge as well. Locally sourced and sustainable food is becoming increasingly important to consumers who want to know where their food is coming from.

From potential workplace accidents to problematic patrons, Knox County restaurants face many challenges that can jeopardize the operation of the business. Even an array of outside factors such as severe weather, supply interruption, downed utilities, food recalls, and more can cause huge financial complications for a local business. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the countless challenges you and your eatery face, and can help you insure against these and many other types of risks. Our Knoxville restaurant insurance coverage is fully customizable to fit the needs of your operation. We offer complete business insurance solutions for Knox County restaurants of all sizes, including those owned and operated by hotels and resorts. To find out more about how we can help protect your restaurant, give us a call today at (866) 733-5424. 



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