Knoxville Hotel Insurance: Improving Guest Transportation

Knoxville Hotel Insurance: Improving Guest Transportation Knoxville Hotel Insurance Improving Courtesy Guest Transportation

Consumers have come to expect that their lodgings will offer some sort of transportation amenities to help hotel guests explore unfamiliar locations. Such complimentary shuttle services can be a great customer service tactic to help improve guest satisfaction about their experience, however it can also lead to a host of unwanted complications. From increased liability concerns to decreased customer satisfaction, a poorly executed guest transportation system can do more harm than good for Knoxville hotels.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your guest transportation system is working in your favor.

  • When establishing your shuttle and transportation service, it is essential to create guidelines detailing the extent of your services. Pre-establish all shuttle routes and stick to them. Inevitably, guests will want to travel beyond the designated routs, it is essential to prepare for these scenarios and offer alternative solutions to help ensure guest get to their desired locations. The more helpful your staff is, the more guest will appreciate your services and establishment.
  • Plan ahead for complications. Travel is always subject to a host of scenarios which can create complications, from weather to vehicle breakdown.  Having strategies to compensate inclement weather, traffic conditions, and vehicle complications can help minimize the impact of these events. Having back up vehicles and alternate routes can help minimize a hotel’s exposure to customer complaints and potential liability exposures. Also avoid guaranteeing pick-up and drop-off times for shuttles which may encounter operational complications on the road.
  • Keep your vehicles well-kept and properly maintained. Just as you routinely clean hotel fixtures, rooms and amenities for maximum efficiency, all guest transportation vehicles under your supervision or employment should reflect the same quality and care. Running hundreds of miles every day takes a toll on the physical capabilities of vehicles. To improve performance and longevity of your vehicles regular maintenances is essential.
  • Make sure all guest transportation providers uphold the same customer service standards as your hotel staff. Quality guest interaction is of utmost important to guest transportation drivers, because they are often the first and last representatives for your brand that guests will encounter. It is especially crucial when working with an outside firm to ensure that drivers are familiar with your customer service standards.

Properly functioning guest transportation is vital to the success of Knoxville hotels, but even the most well planned systems can encounter an operational hiccup once in a while that can become major complications for Hotel owners. At Barnes Insurance Agency we understand the unique risks faced by the hospitality industry. Our Knoxville Hotel insurance programs are designed to help mitigate the variety of hazards faced by this industry. We offer a full array of liability and property coverage to help ensure that all your hotel or motel is fully protected throughout the course of operation. To learn more about our offerings, give our Knoxville Hotel insurance specialists a call today at (866) 733-5424. 



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