How to Keep Guests Safe at Your Amusement Park This Summer

How to Keep Guests Safe at Your Amusement Park This SummerWith summer among us, it is amusement parks’ time to shine. A good experience could mean a season pass purchase but a bad experience could easily turn into a lawsuit. There are many considerations to factor in like unsupervised kids, lazy employees, severe weather conditions, and broken-down rides. Operations can be tricky so take the time to prepare safety measures. 

Ensure a safe environment to provide guests with a fun and memorable experience. But how can you do that?

Train Key Staff Members

All staff members should know how to protect the amusement park’s guests. However, it’s critical to ensure there are enough qualified staff members in both the security and medical departments. This will ensure enough support for any sort of negative incident and make park guests feel safer.

Implement a Weather Alert System

Lightning alert systems are a great investment, especially during the summer months, when weather conditions threaten amusement park goers. Know when to close taller rides and when to direct guests to safety with a horn system that notifies the entire park of the danger.

Use a severe weather tracker tool to monitor storms and set alerts yourself. This allows you to get out the loudspeaker and announce the danger and call for ride closures. A horn system simply makes the process a bit faster, which matters when thunderstorms are on their way.

Educate Guests 

The safest environment possible is not effective unless guests are educated. Make sure they know what to do in the event of an emergency, how to stay safe on rides, and what to do if they feel at all unsafe in the park. Depending on the park’s capacity, a park full of uneducated and nervous guests could easily end in disaster.

Account for Health Strains

Many guests don’t realize the possible health complications associated with amusement parks. The sweltering heat and sun bring its own set of risks. Remind guests to pack broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapply at least every two hours. This can be done through social media channels, website, and even on printed materials. Sell sunscreen at park shops for those who forget to bring theirs or run out.

Another common health concern is dehydration. Running around your park all day makes sweat levels increase, while guests may also be too distracted that they forget to drink water. Install signs reminding guests to drink water. Set up plenty of water stations. 

Prioritize Ride Safety

Guests should know about general ride safety prior to arriving. Post guidelines on your amusement park website with information about general restrictions, like height and weight, as well as health restrictions. Many guests are not aware that conditions like epilepsy, heart problems, neck problems, and pregnancy do not mix well with certain rides.

Ensure guests know the importance of following rules and the instructions of ride attendants. This includes not taking certain items on the ride and asking questions when instructions are not clear.

Restricted Areas

Some guests like to push the boundaries to get a peek at something. Stress the importance of restricted areas remaining restricted. Have signs near these areas and daily announcements to educate them. If need be, implement a zero-tolerance policy towards people entering restricted areas. Park banishments and fines are effective methods of reinforcement.

Amusement park operations must prioritize safety. Keep your park out of the news and capture guests’ hearts by keeping them safe. Secure Business Insurance for your amusement business in order to ensure that you will be safe in the event of an emergency.

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