How Being a “High-Risk” Driver Affects Your Auto Insurance

How Being a “High-Risk” Driver Affects Your Auto InsuranceBeing classified as a “high-risk” driver will look different for different people. It’s not a desired experience for anyone, but it helps to know that it doesn’t last forever if you begin to make good choices now.

Ultimately, the circumstance that made you a high-risk driver will be the determinate of your auto insurance fate.

No Prior Insurance

It is extremely impactful to continuously retain a Tennessee auto insurance policy because of the surcharge for a lapse. Once you get ​car insurance again after cancelling it, you will have to pay high-risk rates for six consecutive months.

Once you obtain a policy, it is in your best interest to keep the same policy for at least six months.  Switching too soon will result in having to start your six months over lengthening the time you pay the high-risk rate.

It is possible for you to use multiple declaration pages to prove six months of coverage, but the hassle usually isn’t worth the savings.

Multiple Tickets 

Three years is the typical time frame for minor violations to affect insurance rates. Generally, after three years the violation will come off your record.

Note that you will have to wait for your renewal to see a difference in your rate if you are staying with the same carrier.

Major Violation

A major violation such as a DUI can affect your insurance rate up to 5 years.  A major violation usually comes with an extra requirement from the state. The state wants to be up to date on all auto insurance coverage at all times.

An SR-22 filing must be added onto your Tennessee auto insurance policy. This is similar to what happens when someone is caught by police driving without car insurance.

It can be tough waiting around with the high rates of a high-risk driver status. It is common for many individuals labeled as a high-risk driver to spend more than the allotted time as a high risk because they do not keep continuous insurance coverage.

The length of time required to get out of high-risk insurance rates is directly affected by your actions. More tickets and a lapse in coverage can significantly extend your high rates.  It is crucial to keep your driving record in check and properly maintain your Tennessee auto insurance policy at all times to escape high-risk rates.

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