Hotel Insurance Sevier County TN: Hotel Reputation Management Tips

Hotel Insurance Sevier County TN: Hotel Reputation Management TipsHotel Insurance Sevier County TN: Hotel Reputation Management Tips

In September of this year, a group of panelists and hotel managers joined together at a Southern Lodging Summit in Memphis, which in part was to discuss managing their reputation when it came to guest relations. A large part of the focus was on online communication via social media sites. Here are some of the hotel reputation management tips they came up with.

Only create social media pages if you have the time and resources to manage them. The purpose of businesses getting on social media pages is to engage with their customers. If guests or potential customers comment but get nothing in response, this could actually do more harm than good to the reputation of your hotel. It’s also a good idea to start slow, which could mean just listening to what people are saying and responding when appropriate.

Respond to negative comments professionally. Ensure guests who have complained that the problem has your attention and that you are doing your best to fix the issue. Sometimes it may be best to ask the person to call to speak to you personally. Try not to delete negative comments from your social media pages, unless they are offensive or overly disparaging. Deleting negative comments might show potential guests that you have something to hide.

Take the time to personalize your responses. This is especially important for guests who appear to be angry, or even highly complementary. Guests and prospective guests deserve to be acknowledged and thanked in the case of a positive review.

These are just a few of the ways that hotel managers can manage their reputation. It’s also a good idea to encourage your guests to provide reviews, and be where your guests are. If you are a GM of a hotel, you can usually get the most valuable feedback by simply being in the lobby or the breakfast room, talking to guests.

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