Home Staging Tips for Vacation Rentals

Home Staging Tips for Vacation RentalsAs there is so much competition for vacation rentals, it is essential to stage your home to attract visitors and maximize profits. In order to evoke emotional attachment and interest in your rental, consider the following tips in addition to obtaining Pigeon Forge Vacation Rental Liability insurance.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew- Renters want to feel like the home is specifically meant for them; get rid of any evidence prior guests have visited. Not only should your vacation rental be spotless, but the fridge and bathrooms should be cleaned and stocked with essentials, as well.

Maximize Counter Space- Kitchen appliances should be stored in cabinets, if possible, to provide ample counter space. This way, the kitchen will appear more spacious and clean.

Set the Table- Put place settings on the tables including linens, plates, and cups. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it also creates a welcoming aspect to your vacation home.

Create a Relaxation Image- If your home has an outdoor space, maximize its usage by providing pillows, candles, and other outdoor products. Further, don’t forget to arrange essentials for the pool and BBQ, if applicable. Small touches like tub caddies and other amenities will reinforce the theme of relaxation and luxury in your home.

Make Rooms Luxurious- Extra pillows, fresh linens, and classic bedding can create the feel of a luxury room. Supply the bathroom with fresh robes and towels to give the feel of a chic hotel for your guests.

Stag for Seasons- If the rental will be used during the summer, add fresh flowers and fruit to your home’s décor. In the fall, consider including blankets and fire wood if a fireplace is included.

Experts also recommend investing in quality materials when decorating your rental. While it may cost more up front, setting the right tone and ambiance will attract more potential visitors. According to MyVR, homeowners should clear any clutter from previous guests and keep the décor simple. What’s more, neutral colors should be used while also avoiding style aspects that are too masculine or too feminine; this will ensure your vacation rental appeals to a larger demographic.

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