Home Alcohol Delivery: New Restaurant Venture

Home Alcohol Delivery New Restaurant VentureA new law took effect on July 1st that allows third party restaurant delivery services to deliver alcohol directly to consumers. Companies such as GrubHub and Delivery Dudes are expected to experience a 50-100 percent increase in sales with this new untapped market. Should you choose to opt in for this new service, TN Restaurant Insurance will help to protect against added risk exposures.

According to The Tennessean, delivery companies can deliver up to one gallon of alcohol per customer per delivery from licensed retailers. Naturally, the customers must provide valid identification verifying they are at least 21. Further, the delivery drivers must also be 21 and pass a criminal background check before they are able to provide the service. Although packaged liquor stores are already permitted to provide home alcohol delivery, this law now allows restaurants and food product carriers to participate, as well.

State Senator Jack Johnson, who sponsored the bill, believes it will help to minimize the delivery to minors as the pricing qualifies the service as more of a luxury. However, the service aims to accompany the existing food delivery component. “Our motivation for this was to complement or go alongside with people who are ordering food. We don’t want this to be just a pure booze delivery kind of system.”

Delivery Dudes Nashville area owner Guy Stanke reassured “I understand the seriousness of alcohol delivery and the amount of responsibility that carries, so I think with that said; I believe that we’re the right type of organization to do this. Delivery is what we specialize in; we have the technology and people and training to do it properly.”

Stanke also stressed that like their current Florida alcohol delivery system, customers will have to fill out an online consent form and pay by credit card, proving age and identity upon delivery.

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