Holiday Cooking Safety Tips to Share with Renters

Holiday Cooking Safety Tips to Share with RentersThe holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends. Most of the time these celebrations include feasts that take much preparation and can result in accidents if not properly attended. While you want to make sure you have the best Sevier County Cabin Rental Insurance to cover any mishaps, here are a few tips to share with your renters to help ensure their holiday feast is a success and your cabin remains incident free.

  • Prep Ahead of Time

Holiday meals require a lot of prep work. Between planning menus, shopping, cooking and setting the tables things can get a bit hectic. Plan menus at least a week in advance to allow time to shop and be sure that you have all ingredients. Prepare any side dishes that you can a day or two before to cut down on confusion in the kitchen.

  • Limit Tasks

One of the main reasons fires start during the holidays is that people get distracted and forget a burner or oven is on. Before you know it something it over flowing or burning. Keep multitasking to minimum to allow focus to be on task and ensure proper safety.

  • Clutter

Before the chaos begins be sure to clear counter space of unnecessary items. Having too many items on the counter can become a fire and safety hazard. This is also a good time to clean as you go. Not only does that get the excess pots, pans and utensils out of the way it will help cut down on the after dinner cleanup.

  • Crowd Control

People like to visit and tend to gravitate to where the action is. Little kids want to help and have a tendency to get underfoot. Don’t hesitate to set boundaries and keep people out of the kitchen. Have the kids set the table if they want to help out or consider setting up a crafting table where they can create fun little desserts or decorations.

  • Smoke Alarms

Make sure that smoke alarm batteries are fresh and that the alarms are working properly. The holidays, when you have a bunch of guests over for a big family feast is not the time to find out that your smoke detectors are malfunctioning.

Sharing these simple safety tips will allow you to spend your holidays enjoying time with family and friends rather than having to deal with insurance claims from your rental property.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand how important safety during the holidays is. Call today for more information on our Cabin Rental Insurance policies. 866.733.5424



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