Education and Congress: An Unhappy Couple

Education and Congress An Unhappy DuoEducation unions are pushing for reform in schools nationwide. The No Child Left Behind bill is causing friction among educators and school districts alike. However, with congress failing to acknowledge the revision of a long despised bill, more and more people are becoming upset. In the wake of this national issue, it’s imperative to guarantee your school is equipped with TN School District Legal Liability Insurance.

What exactly is the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB), you might ask. To sum it up, this controversial law was implemented in 2002 and affects U.S. public schools grades K-12, holding schools accountable for how children learn and achieve, according to Understood for Learning & Attention Issues. It was enacted in order to level out the playing field for students who have disadvantages including poverty, minorities, language barriers, and special education needs.

The controversy comes into play in the aspect of sanctioning schools that do now show adequate achievement growth. NCLB measures success by evaluating annual math and reading tests for grades 3-8 and again in grades 10-12. It is the school’s responsibility to have students meet and maintain proficient scores on tests and set goals for improvement if required. These goals, known as Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), can determine the authorizations placed by the government. For example, if a Title I school, or a predominantly low-income populated school, fails to meet the AYP, the NCLB law allows for the school’s leadership to be overturned or even cause the school to close.

A rare unanimous vote by the Senate’s education committee launched the bipartisan revision of No Child Left Behind bill just two months ago.  However, the floor debate is being delayed by other current events and bills. The National PTA and the National Education Association, which represents 3 million teachers, are both calling for action along with the Federation of Teachers and Council of Chief State School Officers. The test-focused law is viewed as punitive and many reject the increased intervention the federal government plays in education.

The NCLB law expired eight year ago; however both houses of congress have failed to come up with a revised alternative until recently. Educators and organizations alike are becoming impatient and angered waiting for the new bill-known as Every Child Achieves Act- to be important enough to address.

Education reform is eminent and important. At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the risks and complications educators face on a daily basis. We strive to provide quality comprehensive coverage for your educators and your schools. To learn more about our offerings, contact us today at (866) 733-5424.



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