Don’t Let These Common Homeowners Insurance Claims Ruin Your Holidays

Don’t Let These Common Homeowners Insurance Claims Ruin Your HolidaysThe holidays are a festive, fun time, but the holidays can also bring about a heightened risk for homeowners. Flickering candles are fire hazards. Wet walkways can present a slip and fall. Pyramids of presents can be burglary bait. But homeowners insurance can help you recover financially and ensure that a little mishap doesn’t spoil your entire holiday season.

House Fires

Dehydrated Christmas trees, candles and overworked outlets, make fire hazards a huge threat this time of year. Within homeowners insurance, dwelling coverage pays for home repairs and personal property insurance covers belongings.

Speak to your agent about pinpointing your home’s rebuilding cost. If it has been years since you bought the policy, it is likely that building costs may have gone up. If the reconstruction cost exceeds your dwelling insurance amount, boost your limits accordingly.

Stolen Presents

Theft is a common source of holiday homeowners insurance claims. In some cases, our own behavior fuels the problem. For instance, many individuals have gifts delivered even when they’re home to receive them. 

Personal property insurance covers stolen items. This can include packages taken from your doorstep. To make a claim, you’ll need to file a police report.

However, if only a couple of items go missing, you might not benefit from a claim, since payout could be less than your deductible. Consider lowering your personal property coverage deductible. Although rates would increase, coverage would stretch further if you need to make a claim.

Injured Guests

If dinner happens to be served undercooked, sending relatives to the hospital. Or maybe someone breaks a hip on your icy walkway. You could be responsible for medical costs when you host holiday get-togethers.

The medical payments coverage within home insurance pays to treat injuries that guests sustain on your property. You also have liability insurance in case you’re sued.

Insurance limits for medical payments are usually low when you buy your policy. A bare-minimum policy pays about $1,000 per person, making this a great safeguard before welcoming the holiday herd.

Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Leaving home can be as problematic as playing host. If an unoccupied house becomes overly frosty, water freezes and expands inside the pipes, increasing the chances of a burst.

Water damage from burst pipes is covered by standard home insurance, including house damage and soaked possessions.

Check the fine print in your policy regarding frozen pipes. You might need to take certain precautions prior to vacations to make a claim, such as shutting off your water or leaving the heat on.

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