Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution Part 2

Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution Part 2
Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution Part 2

As previously discussed in the first Part 1 of this post, conflict management is a huge part of customer service, especially in the hospitality industry. Handling guest complaints and dilemmas is a constant struggle, but breaking down an interaction with an unhappy guest can provide insight about how hotel employees and managers can best respond in unpleasant situations.

When customers bring concern to the attention of a hotel staff member, it is typically because they are emotionally invested in the issue at hand, and when emotions run high a simple conflict can escalate rapidly into a huge problem. Here are a few things hotel employers and employees can do to resolve issues before they become damaging conflicts:

  • Help everyone remain calm. One of the best tips for conflict resolution is for the employees to remain calm and collected in the face of an angry guest. While it can be tempting to get defensive, in customer service is can be crucial to fight one’s instincts and keep a neutral energy level in the face of conflict. Remaining calm with often allow the guest calm down as well.
  • Make the guest feel heard, valued and considered. Experts say that the best way to get a guest to calm down is to make them feel that they are being heard and their opinion is validated. Even in situations where the customer may be in the wrong, allowing their opinion to be heard without interruption is the best way to expedite a resolution.
  • Identify the root of the complaint root problem.  This often requires patience and polite questioning by an employee of the guest’s core dilemma. Getting as much information as possible about a situation may involve consulting additional parties, but it can be essential to resolving a complication.
  • Make sure the concern is being addressed by the right parties. There is only so much any one given employee can do to solve a guest’s problem. Management often has the most flexibility and resources to come to a mutually beneficial resolution and thus should be notified of most complaints.
  • Most importantly, try to offer a solution to the conflict. It is not enough to simply let an upset customer speak their piece, they often want assurance that some change will result from their efforts whether it’s for themselves or future customers. In some cases it may be a policy that a guest takes issue with which cannot be changed but there may be some other reasonable solution, even if the resolution is simply taking the time to explaining a rule or regulation.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the countless risks hotel owners and managers face on a daily basis. That’s why for over fifty years we have been invested in providing comprehensive business insurance solutions to protect the hospitality industry from their many risk exposures. Our Sevier County Hotel Insurance programs are designed to help protect hotel and motel operations against the complete array of property and liability hazards they face throughout the course of their operation. Give our Sevier County Hotel Insurance specialists a call today at (866) 733-5424 to learn more about all our coverage options.



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