Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution part 1

Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution part 1
Cocke County Hotel Insurance: Guest Conflict Resolution part 1

Hotels by nature are heavily reliant on the experiences of the customers. Marketing campaigns cater to the needs and desires of travelers through enticements of relaxation, recreation, romance and more, but without proper execution hotel managers cannot hope to maintain a positive public image. Few industries are more heavily reliant on the complete customer experience. While retailers offers tangible goods for their clients to enjoy or take issue with, the commodities offered by the hotel industry are almost entirely based on the perception and subjectivity of the consumer. The grounds may be exquisite and amenities top of the line, but without strong customer service hotels will undoubtable suffer.

One of the most critical yet highly problematic areas of customer service is conflict resolution. Dealing with dissatisfied customers is one of the most commonly mishandled interactions, as employees try to uphold company policy while simultaneously attempting to defuse the situation and resolve the customer’s concerns. These key interactions can make or break a hotel’s public image, especially in the era of social media. From public relations nightmares to potential legal complications, poor conflict resolution can leave hotels facing costly financial repercussions for a mishandled guest complaint.

The most important part of any guest interaction is maintaining a mutual line of communication through which a resolution can be found. Some guest complaints are simple and easy solutions can be found, while others are complex and require more carful navigation. One thing all conflicts have in common is that they are a unique opportunity to show the values and integrity of any operation. In the second part of this post we will explore a few common conflict resolution strategies often utilized in the hospitality industry.

At Barnes Insurance Agency, we understand the countless risks hotel owners and managers face on a daily basis. That’s why for over fifty years we have been invested in providing comprehensive Cocke County business insurance solutions to protect the hospitality industry from their many risk exposures. Our Sevier County Hotel Insurance programs are designed to help protect hotel and motel operations against the complete array of property and liability hazards they face throughout the course of their operation. Give our Sevier County Hotel Insurance specialists a call today at (866) 733-5424 to learn more about all our coverage options.



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