5 Things You Didn’t Know TN Home Insurance Covers

Many homeowners are often not aware of how much protection they actually have through their home insurance. It may come as a surprise to you to learn just how much protection the typical homeowner’s insurance policy offers and the specific yet unknown coverage it affords. Most homeowners know that their homeowner’s insurance will cover the expenses if a tree lands on the roof or the garage goes up in flames. However, many policies cover a wide variety of unique losses that you may not expect. Every policy is different, so you should consult with your insurer to determine your specific coverage to determine if you have coverage for the following things.

Lawn and Landscaping

If someone was to drive over your yard (on accident or on purpose) and tear up the grass, your homeowner’s insurance policy might be able to pay to fix the damage. This is due to the fact that standard homeowner insurance plans generally cover trees, plants, and shrubs. Plants are normally covered up to $500 per item if they are not diseased and have been properly maintained.

Stolen Goods

What about your prized possessions and valuable assets? When it comes to personal possessions, if you have belongings stolen far anywhere, a standard homeowners policy might be able to cover the loss. Many people assume that if something was stolen from their car, it would be covered by car insurance, but this is not the case. Instead, a home insurance policy would be of service in this situation.

Falling Objects and Drones

There are rare occurrences of things falling from the sky. If something was to hit your home from above, your homeowner’s insurance policy would most likely be able to cover you for any repairs. Falling objects (from satellites to asteroids) are covered under most standard homeowner’s policies.

Do you own a drone? Your homeowner’s policy could be your saving grace if your drone drops from the sky and hits someone. The liability portion of a homeowner’s insurance policy may offer financial protection if you injure someone or are sued for inadvertently invading another’s privacy.

Items in Storage

Do you have a storage unit? So many individuals assume that their home insurance only covers the items that are actually in your house. However, many standard policies typically cover all personal belongings, including things that are not stored on your property, such as items in a storage locker or unit. Remember that sometimes coverage is limited for storage items to 10% of your personal belongings coverage.

Spoiled Food

Have you ever thought about your funds that would be wasted if your power went out for a significant amount of time? If your power was to go out and all the food in your fridge and freezer became spoiled, you may be in luck with your homeowner’s protection that you had secured. Your policy may be able to replace food that spoils as the result of a covered peril, meaning that this would only apply in scenarios such as a tree taking out a power line, not if the electricity gets turned off because you missed a payment.

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