5 Good Reasons to Become a Tennessee Homeowner

Tennessee is rich in history and home to many mountain ranges, lakes, and beautiful landscapes. There are many good reasons to become a Tennessee homeowner, whether it be retirement, jobs, or investments. Tennessee is known for many things, one being that it is the heart of the country music scene. Yes, living in Tennessee can be fun, but what about real estate, cost of living, job market, and other factors that will make or break your decision to move to Tennessee or not? The state is becoming a destination for both retirees and young professionals because Tennessee has so much to offer.

Tennessee Real Estate Investment

Becoming a Tennessee homeowner has plenty of perks as it has a great climate and amazing recreational possibilities. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, combined with some of the best musical and cultural destinations like Nashville and Memphis, attracts college students, job hunters, families, and retirees.

Tennessee is also home to many great companies, both local and international, that are seeking new employees. There is massive job growth in Memphis, Nashville, and Clarksville, so more people will be looking for property in Tennessee.

Job Market in Tennessee

Tennessee has a generally low unemployment rate, so there is no doubt that the chances of finding a job quickly are pretty high. In just about every city, you will see that the job market is strong, especially in the major cities listed above. There are many foreign investors in these cities, as well as many new companies constantly opening. Professions that are in demand:

  • physical therapist
  • home health aide
  • nurse practitioner
  • tax preparer
  • interpreter/translator

Housing in Tennessee

New construction can be seen across central Tennessee, mostly in or around Nashville, Memphis, and Clarksville. Most people love living in the center of town. The price is lower in cities like Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, and you will see more apartment living. However, if you plan to live here with your family for a long time, it is worth your while considering purchasing a house rather than an apartment.

The Cost of Living in Tennessee

When it comes to the cost of living, homes to rent and buy are pretty affordable. However, for utilities, you will see a bit higher numbers than the national average. But, you’ll save a lot of money on health care and education. Student loans are also much less expensive than in most other states.

Cost of food will obviously range depending on your location and taste, but Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax! This is one of the reasons homes sell faster in this state than others. If you are on a budget, consider checking out some homes in Clarksville, for example. However, if money is not an issue, you will have many choices in this state as it is known for its affordability.

People in Tennessee

Tennessee locals are warm and welcoming. You will certainly meet friendly people who will want to say hello and wave when they go by. It’s not uncommon for Tennessee residents to befriend neighbors, as they are known for their southern hospitality after all.

Becoming a Tennessee homeowner is a big decision, and we’re here to protect your investment when you make the move.

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